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Cancer isn’t just a distressing, frequently life-threatening condition; it can also cause severe pain. If you live with cancer pain and it’s getting you down, contact the Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center team in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their pain management specialists offer the most advanced treatments for cancer pain, including nerve stimulation and implantable pain pumps. For expert treatment of your cancer pain, call Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center today or request a consultation via the online form.

Cancer Pain Q&A

What is cancer pain?

Pain is common in cancer patients and often worsens as the disease progresses. In the early stages of cancer development, you probably won’t have any pain. But as time goes on, long-lasting, constant, and severe pain can be a defining symptom of cancer.

When cancer reaches an advanced stage, the pain may be more intense and disabling than any you’ve ever experienced. The Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center team knows how severe cancer pain can be and works with your oncologist or other specialists to provide optimal pain management.

Why does cancer cause pain?

Cancer causes pain because the tumors that develop in your tissues compress the organs, bones, and nerves nearby.

Tumors are growths consisting of cancerous cells. Cancer cells reproduce rapidly and, unlike normal cells, have an unlimited lifespan. The tumor steadily puts increasing pressure on the surrounding tissues, leading to worsening pain.

Cancer treatments can also cause severe pain. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy (two of the primary treatments used in cancer patients) can result in side effects that include severe pain.

Another common approach to treating cancer is surgery to remove the tumor. If you require surgery, you might have additional pain afterward, but this should improve when your tissues heal.

Cancer patients often suffer in silence because they don’t want to complain or fear that increased pain means their condition is worsening. However, untreated cancer pain can delay your treatment and cause unnecessary suffering. The Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center team understands your fears and provides the best available treatments to reduce cancer pain.

What treatments are available for cancer pain?

Cancer pain requires expert treatment. The pain management doctors at Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center help cancer patients manage their symptoms using therapies such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Opioid medications
  • Antidepressants
  • Anticonvulsant drugs
  • Steroids
  • Nerve block injections containing a local anesthetic
  • Spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulators
  • Radiofrequency ablation

The most severe cancer pain might require an implantable pain medication pump. Pain pumps are devices that your provider inserts under your skin. They stay in place, releasing powerful pain-relieving medications like morphine into your body. Using a remote device, you control the dose (within your doctor’s guidelines).

If your cancer pain is making life miserable, call Las Vegas Spine & Pain Center today or book an appointment using the online form.