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Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are both minimally invasive procedures used to treat vertebral compression fractures. With a compression fracture, the vertebrae lose stability, collapse, and produce debilitating pain. The vertebra collapses into itself producing wedged vertebra. People or patients with osteoporosis or multiple myeloma are common candidates because of their weakened bones. These fractures lead to back pain, decreased lung capacity, loss of independence, depression, and difficulty sleeping. 

During a kyphoplasty procedure, the doctor places a thin needle into the spine through a small incision in the skin. A balloon is also used for kyphoplasty, in which the doctor places the needle through and then inflates the area. The balloon assists in restoring the height of the vertebrae. Then, the doctor injects a cement material between the vertebral spaces to ensure that a collapse does not occur again.

Vertebroplasty is essentially used for the same purpose as kyphoplasty- minus the balloon. A needle is placed through the skin and into the bone, injecting into the affected area of the spine. Using an x-ray imaging device, the doctor injects a cement material into the spaces between each spine bone to prevent another collapse and further complications.

The procedure goes as follows: 

  • First, an intravenous line will be placed to anesthetize the patient for the procedure. 
  • Then we will place several monitors on you to check your heart, blood pressure, and pulse during the procedure.
  • Then you will lie on your stomach and the site of injection is numbed
  • After a small incision is made in the lower back the physician will use a fluoroscope to position the needles in the accurate areas
  • A local anesthetic is applied and then if needed the surgeon inserts inflatable balloons into the vertebra, bringing it back to its normal height
  • Bone cement is carefully injected under pressure to fill the areas starting with the deepest area first. 
  • The needle is withdrawn before cement hardens. The small incision is closed

Most patients stay in the hospital overnight and are released the next morning. Some patients can be released home the same day. We do not recommend any heavy lifting, driving for 2-3 days, or alcohol after the surgery for 2 weeks or while you are taking medication. Getting up to walk 5-15 minutes every 4 hours is recommended and good for you.

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