Piriformis Muscle Injection

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Piriformis Muscle Injection 

Piriformis muscle injection is a way to temporarily paralyze the piriformis muscle and thereby treat piriformis syndrome. In general, piriformis syndrome is treated conservatively and comprehensively at Las Vegas Spine and Pain Center. Treatment is intended to restore the normal pathway of the sciatic nerve by rehabilitating the piriformis muscle in the buttocks. While also relieving pain symptoms, this procedure can be used as a diagnostic procedure as well to see where your pain is truly coming from. Piriformis syndrome may be responsible for 6% of all cases of low back pain or sciatica.

The pain management team at Las Vegas Spine and Pain Center may recommend a combination of injections, physical therapy, and exercise to treat pain. Injections will temporarily paralyze the piriformis muscle, thereby relieving the pressure on the sciatic nerve. The patient will also participate in physical therapy to improve flexibility and strength of the pelvic, abdominal, and lower extremities. Generally, six to eight weeks of injections and physical therapy will cause a considerable reduction in sciatic pain symptoms.

The procedure goes as follows: 

  • First, an intravenous line will be placed to help sedate and calm you for the procedure. 
  • Then we will place several monitors on you to check your heart, blood pressure, and pulse during the procedure.
  • Then you will lie on your stomach and the site of the injection is numbed
  • Then our doctor will use x-ray guidance and contrast dye to ensure that the needle is in the correct placement. 
  • A local anesthetic and steroid are then injected into the joint, and the needle is removed. 

There are very minimal side effects with this procedure with the risk of infection, allergic reaction, and soreness the main effects. If we are doing the injection to see if you will sit in the recovery area for 30-45 minutes while we monitor your pain. 


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