Coordinated Physical Therapy

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Coordinated Physical Therapy

For many patients, physical therapy or occupational therapy is an excellent option to not only improve their health but also decrease pain and prevent further injuries. Through therapeutic exercise and functional training, our patients will experience improvements in pain, strength, balance, and range of motion. At Las Vegas Spine and Pain Center, we work with local Las Vegas physical and occupational therapists to safely and effectively coordinate treatment. With a multidisciplinary approach to pain management, patients are able to receive the best-coordinated care.

What To Expect

After our providers determine that physical therapy is a good option we will work with physical therapists whose programs are covered under the patient’s insurance. Not all physical therapy facilities take all insurances. That is why at Las Vegas Spine and Pain we make sure we send you to a Physical Therapist that accepts the YOUR insurance, so you can go into your first session worry-free. 

After the insurance procedures are confirmed, a physical therapist will design a therapy regimen based on the patient’s diagnosis. Throughout the patient’s physical therapy treatment, the facility will send over the progress notes to our providers, which are then analyzed by our top providers. Based on the patient’s development, treatment can be controlled to best fit his or her needs. We pride ourselves on finding and creating the best team of medical professionals to help analyze your progress and work together to decide the best way to move forward. With constant contact from your therapist, surgeon, or another provider, we do our best to make sure multiple doctors decide what is best for you and not just one. However, if you have a specific Therapist you want to work with we will always accommodate your preferred Physical or Occupational therapist.

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